Pediatric Inflammatory Vulvitis

The pediatric inflammatory vulvitis (VIP) is clinically characterized by itching, burning, pain, inflammation, often accentuated during urination. The ever more frequent cases of vulvitis and vaginitis in females can be explained by the fact that , until puberty , the lining of the vagina is very thin , not being stimulated by female hormones. Consequently , it is not always able to provide a sufficient defense towards the colonization by infectious agents . In addition, in pediatric age, there’s a lacking of protection provided by the acidity of the vaginal pH and cervical mucus, characteristics of the adult woman.

The causes that most often cause inflammation in the genital area of the girl are:

  • use of irritants (soaps, detergents, synthetic or too tight fabrics that they do not let perspire the vulvar area);
  • poor or improper hygiene;
  • intestinal parasites, often transported from the anal area to the vagina;
  • foreign objects ( toilet paper, sand )

The causes include those of non- infectious origin such as atopic or contact dermatitis and psoriasis .

DermaSilk Intimo briefs demonstrated their efficacy in pediatric inflammatory vulvitis:
"Clinical effectiveness of a special silk textile in the treatment of recurrent pediatric inflammatory vulvistis: an open label pilot study"
published on Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia 2011; Volume
146: 317-320