Encasings For Travel

Encasings For Travel
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The practical Microair Travel Set has been designed to ensure allergic people of protected rest even when away from home. People with mite allergy should always take their anti-mite covers with them, when sleeping away from home. The Microair Travel Set is made of an innovative fabric with a very tight weave, with a soft and pleasant texture, able to block over 99% of mite allergens while at the same time allowing air to pass (45.7 Litres/dm2/min).

Indicated in cases of: Mite Allergy

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- breathability
- permanent antimicrobial treatment offering protection against mould, fungus and bacteria
- soft and lightweight
- practical and versatile
- guaranteed 25 years
- easy care

The mattress topper in the Microair Travel Set may be useful for short stays, but it does not guarantee the total protection of the Microair Pristine anti-mite mattress encasement because it does not totally enclose the mattress and is not sealed by a zip.

Use. Quick and practical solution: there’s no need to strip the bed, just place the mattress topper over the bottom sheet and the pillow cover with zip on top of the ordinary pillow slip.
You can sleep directly on top.

machine-washed at 60-90°C (mites die only at temperatures higher than 55°C), with any detergent, including bleach.

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