Anti-Mite Duvet Encasing

Anti-Mite Duvet Encasing
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The Microair Pristine® duvet encasing is composed of a very high number of polyester microfibers in a warp and weft structure, creates a total barrier against mites and their allergens. It is the only patented anti-mite fabric (Patent No. US 6,277,770 B1) because it was designed by NASA engineers to perform this function with maximum comfort: it guarantees high breathability and, thanks to the antimicrobial treatment, provides an effective control against the growth of mould and fungi which can aggravate the conditions of the allergic person.

Indicated in cases of: Dust-mite allergy, Cat/dog allergy, Mould allergy.

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- certified efficacy: blocks 99.87% of mite and cat allergens;
- protected against fungi and mould thanks to the permanent antimicrobial;
- maximum breathability (20.13 lt/dm2/min);
- total encasement;
- suitable for covering any type of duvet;
- seams protected by a special tape of anti-mite fabric;
- high comfort;
- also available made-to-measure (with a few days’ waiting time and a small extra charge);
- guaranteed 25 years (very low yearly cost - 5 Euro per year for a single mattress encasement + pillow cover);
- easy care (thanks to the smooth weave which is easy to clean and to the antimicrobial protection, it can be left in place for very long periods).

 Use: it must be positioned in direct contact with the duvet.

machine-washed at 60-90°C (mites die only at temperatures higher than 55°C), with any detergent, including bleach. It is recommended to wash the encasement every 4-6 months and to wipe the top surface every week with a well wrung damp cloth. It can also be spin-dried and tumble-dried.

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This product is also available tailored for a small charge of € 15 to the price of the nearest standard size. To order please contact our Customer Service or fill out the form below to be contacted, completing the "Message" field with all the details and appropriate measures (eg. Mattress: length, width and thickness).