Skin reactions to oncological therapies

Modern radiation treatment, as well as chemotherapy and biological drugs, can have side effects on the skin .

These effects appear with symptoms such as dryness, erythema, de-epithelialization (loss of the surface layer of the skin), often accompanied by itching. In these cases, the barrier function of the stratum corneum is altered and, consequently, the skin is exposed to a greater risk of incurring fungal and/or bacterial infections. They may have different intensity levels and occur even after a few weeks from the beginning of the treatment.

In cases of acute skin reactions may be necessary to discontinue treatment with the risk of reducing the effectiveness of the same.

The side effects also affect the mucous membranes exposed to oncological therapy.

In patients with oncological problems in the genital area, the damage to the mucous membrane occurs prior to the skin, and appears with erythema, edema, de-epithelialization and changes in the physiological pH, reactions that often cause infections and pain

Clinical studies have shown that the pure silk fibroin with antimicrobial protection DermaSilk ® protects the skin and mucosa from the acute effects of radiation therapy, reduces the severity of the inflammatory process , prevent superinfection and accelerates tissue regeneration.

The clothing

The quality of the fabrics that we wear is essential to the well-being of our skin. In particular, in presence of skin irritations is very important to pay attention to the type of clothing that is worn in contact with the skin. The clothing made ​​of wool and acrylic is not recommended because it is very irritating. Even clothing in microfiber polyester or polyamide should be avoided because they are not very breathable and have reduced hygroscopic ability (not readily absorb the moisture produced by the body). In addition, they cause sweating and promote the growth of fungi and bacteria, facilitating the development of infections. For the same reasons, attention should be paid to the quality of the fabrics for underwear (bra and panties ). Finally, it must be remembered that the irritation get worse in areas of the body where there are folds (groin , armpits, skin furrows) or particularly prone to rubbing (neck).

Clinical studies show that DermaSilk ® Therapeutic Clothing protects the skin from the acute effects of radiation; reduces the severity of the inflammatory process; avoids superinfection; accelerates tissue regeneration.

Clinical trials of radiotherapy and medical specialists in dermatology certify the effectiveness of DermaSilk ® in patients with cutaneous reactions caused by cancer therapies:

- Fabbrocini G, Panariello L, Caro G et al. Antimicrobial silk clothing as an adjuvant tool in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced skin reactions. Poster presentation 22° Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Istanbul 2013.

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