Why does it work?

Microair Pristine® is the only tight weave anti- dust mite fabric that certifies a total allergen barrier and at the same time allows ample air passage and permanent protection against mould, fungus and bacteria.

Made of a very tight weave of thin polyester microfiber, it is the only patented anti-mite fabric (Patent No. US 6,277,770 B1) because it was designed by NASA engineers to perform this function with maximum comfort and without “collateral effects” (poor transpiration, presence of mould, etc.). It is the anti-mite fabric most sold in the world and the most recommended by Doctors and Specialists in the United States and in Europe.

Microair Pristine Zero mattress, pillow and duvet encasings are made of Microair Pristine barrier fabric.

All Microair Pristine encasings are provided with zips that allow the mattress, pillow and duvet to be completely covered and sealed, thus preventing mites and allergens getting out. They are made in Italy and are distinguished by extreme care for detail, focussed on guaranteeing maximum protection. The seams are protected by a special tape of anti-mite fabric, as a further precaution against the passage of mites and allergens.