1) To ensure effective prevention, must I buy a new mattress as well as the anti-dust mite mattress encasing?

No, all you need is a good mattress encasing, certified and guaranteed. Microair Pristine anti-mite encasings allow the passage of air and can be used to cover any mattress, even made of latex.

2) To protect myself against mite allergens, must I always cover both the mattress and the pillow?

Yes, otherwise you only obtain partial improvements.

3) Is it indispensable to use anti-mite encasings as soon as the doctor prescribes them, or is better to wait, hoping that the allergy wull decrease with time?

 It is fundamental to cover the mattress and pillow as soon as possible, to avoid aggravation of the symptoms and the progression of the disease, as well as the risk of developing other allergies, which is quite frequent especially in infancy.

4) Can I use the covers under ordinary sheets?

Yes, they are used just like ordinary mattress or pillow covers, so under your everyday sheets.

5) The measurements of my mattress/duvet are not exactly the same as yours. What can I do?

If the size of your mattress/duvet is not the same as the ones we propose you can consider whether to buy the bigger size (if available); alternatively, Alpretec offers the possibility of made-to-measure encasings, for a small extra charge. In this case you must contact our Customer Service. The efficacy of anti-mite covers is guaranteed once the mattress/duvet is completely enclosed inside them.

6) I use a rubber sheet in my child's cot, can I still use it with the encasement?

Of course, no problem. If the rubber sheet is placed between the mattress encasement and the sheets, you must wash it every week at 60°C.

7) Can the antimicrobial agent that protects Pristine encasings be released?

Pristine covers have no counter-indications or collateral effects, because the antimicrobial that protects them is permanently fixed to the fibre and is an integral part of the structure: it is never released, neither after intense use nor after laundering.

8) How long does the efficacy of the antimicrobial last?

The antimicrobial remains active for the entire lifetime of the encasings.

9) What is the difference between Pristine fabric and other tight-weave fabrics that imitate it?

The fabrics that have appeared in recent years imitating Pristine are too tight: they allow the air to enter but they prevent moisture getting out of the mattress. This makes the sleeping person perspire, provokes over time the formation of mould and fungi in the mattress which tends to rot, and requires laundering of the mattress encasements at least once a month. Pristine® fabric, on the other hand, has the correct porosity to prevent the passage of mite allergens, but it allows the passage of air and vapour going both in and out. In addition it is the only one protected by a totally safe, permanent antimicrobial agent, which prevents the formation of mould and fungi.