Why does it work?

The first thing to do in case of contact dermatitis consists in avoiding every contact with the responsible substance.
For this reason Alpretec designed and patented the Microair® Barrier Fabric. Thanks to its barrier effect prevents allergens/irritants getting in contact with the skin but still lets it breathe.

It is a three-layer fabric, made of a knitted polyester microfiber with piqué construction (1+3), while the internal layer is a microporous membrane (2) that blocks allergens, allowing the passage of water vapour and sweat.

Alpretec has designed two products made of MICROAIR® Barrier Fabric:

Main features:

> total barrier against allergens and irritating substances;

> high transpiration (Wicking capacity=1062 gr/m2/24h);

> comfortable and easy to use;

> machine washing at 60-90°C (autoclave washing and drying according to hospital standards are allowed).