Scientific Studies and Certifications

Microair Barrier  is the barrier fabric designed and patented by Alpretec with which gloves and socks are made for people suffering from Contact Dermatitis. The fabric creates a barrier between the skin and the allergen, while still letting it breathe.
The efficacy of this fabric is demonstrated by the following studies:

- Efficacy of a new barrier glove in the treatment of chronic hand eczema
(Kinaciyan T. et al., Poster Presentation EAACI Congress, Warsaw, 6-10 June 2009);

- "Efficacy of New Barrier Socks in the Treatment of Foot Allergic Contact Dermatitis"
(Published on Acta Dermato-Venerologica Vol.91 - Issue 1; 2010);

- Use of new “Barrier socks” in contact allergic dermatitis” CASE REPORT
(Borghesan F. and Bellotti);

- A new barrier glove shows comparable efficacy to a potent steroid in the treatment of mild to moderate severe chronic hand eczema
(Kinaciyan T. et al., Poster presentation EAACI Congress, London, 5-9 June 2010).