Can I combine Microair Barrier products with pharmacological therapies?

Yes. There is no kind of counter-indication in the use of pharmacological therapies with Microair Barrier products.

Is it necessary to use creams as well as Microair Barrier Gloves or Socks?

It isn’t necessary to use creams with Microair Barrier products, unless they have been prescribed by your doctor. In this case, you must ensure that the creams are completely absorbed.

Does Microair Barrier fabric contain or release cortisone or other drugs?

No, the fabric does not release any kind of substance, it creates a barrier between the skin and the allergens or irritating substances.

Can I use Microair Barrier Gloves/Socks without wearing working gloves/ordinary socks on top?

The use of Microair Barrier products combined with working gloves/ordinary socks is suggested to prolong the life of the product (for example, wearing the socks in direct contact with shoes could damage the fabric).

Why is it recommended to use these items withe DermaSilk products?

The use of Microair Barrier products combined with DermaSilk® gloves or under-socks is recommended because the latter, worn in direct contact with the skin, are aids in the treatment of Contact Dermatitis and Chronic Eczema. They help restore the barrier of the skin and control inflammation and any superinfections.

Can I use Microair Barrier Gloves in direct contact with water?

No, it isn’t possible to use Microair Barrier gloves in contact with water. The fabric that they are made of is waterproof, but the seams, designed to ensure an excellent fit of the product, are not.