Our customers

  • "First, I would like to let you know how well the Microair Barrier socks have worked! it is a miracle!! My daughter is a different little girl because of you, Alpretec. I cannot thank you enough. We would like to repeat our last order if that is okay… Looking forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you!" J. S. - USA - 27/03/14

  • "These socks have been a lifesaver. I hardly ever worry now about infection and wear these socks most days especially when going out. i only have to apply steroids about twice a week and emollients every other day. This is such a dramatic change from having to apply these emollient creams almost on an hourly basis. This is a teriffic product. My husband and I are thrilled about the healing effect these socks have had... I have spent an enormous sum of money in recent years on prescriptions and other items to try to do what wearing these socks has done in such a short space of time. They wash really well and come up like new every time." J.G. - UK

  • "Before getting the socks i used a variety of creams and moisturisers like Doublebase to the most potent being the steroid cream Dermovate. They never really touched the surface and the condition always returned. Since buying your socks a year ago, I've had a couple of very minimum attacks which unlike before are a bit of an itch and flaky skin (previously my skin broke, bled and made walking difficult). I normally now treat this with Dermovate once a day for a couple of days. I still moisturise my feet regularly but the socks have stopped any other major outbreak." B.C. - UK

  •  "...whenever I wore shoes with rubber in them...I came out in eczemaon the soles of my feet that would crack, get infected and make even walking around the house a bit of a nightmare! With my hands I found it was the steering wheel of my car...The doctors told me the only cure was to avoid all rubber, however it's just not possible as it's everywhere! I've had to give up football, cricket and running due to footwear and glove issues. I wear the socks every day when i'm wearing shoes...my feet have almost completely returned to normal. I can wear trainers again and most shoes...and I wear my gloves every time I'm driving. I can't emphasise enough what these products have done for me and I use them every day, without them I'd go back to cracked and infected feet and hands. They're obviously not a cure but without doubt they're the best treatment / preventative measure out there." M.H. - UK

  • "The Microair barrier socks are brilliant and allow me to wear shoes that would otherwise cause severe contact dermatitis....these products are truly transformational. I do not require any medication when I use the socks whereas previous needed emollients and steroid creams. " F.S. - UK