Why does it work?

DermaSilk® is the innovative line of therapeutic clothing conceived by Alpretec for people who suffer from problems or skin diseases (for example Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Mycosis, Candidiasis).

Its efficacy derives from the unique and original combination of the beneficent properties of pure silk fibroin, enhanced by an exclusive knitting process, with the protective activity of a permanent antimicrobial agent that controls and prevents skin infections without collateral effects (it does not alter the natural bacterial flora of the skin and mucosa).

The innovative technology with which DermaSilk is made is an Alpretec patent.

Silk has always been considered the “queen” of fibres and also the most physiological, as it has a protein structure (fibroin) very similar to that of human hair. The combination of nature and high technology gives DermaSilk unique features:

  • it is soft and does not irritate sensitive skins: the long and perfectly smooth thread avoids mechanical friction and irritation, performing a beneficial micromassage of the skin;
  • it’s cool and really lets the skin breathe: the yarn used and the particular knitting process give it a high breathing capacity, helping to keep the skin cool and dry and controlling perspiration;
  • it favours a correct hydro-lipid balance, exerting an emollient and soothing action. Thanks to its exceptional hygroscopic capacity, DermaSilk absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling dump (ideal for the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, the equilibrium of which is guaranteed by a water content between 10 and 35%). It quickly eliminates excess moisture and is comfortable to wear even with heavy sweating. The skin remains dry yet hydrated, thanks to the natural reserve of moisture retained by the fibres;
  • it reduces strong perspiration which aggravates the dryness of the skin. Since it is a fibre of animal origin, silk is able to maintain the body temperature even in conditions of excessive humidity (temperature regulating capacity). Unlike synthetic fabrics and those of vegetable origin (cotton, linen), the absorbed sweat never cools, so it does not stimulate a rise in body temperature which would provoke further sweating. In this way, DermaSilk favours the interruption of the vicious circle of “sweating-cooling-sweating” which can aggravate skin dryness.
  • it is highly pure: DermaSilk garments present 100% pure silk fibroin in contact with the skin and they contain no sericin, a substance normally present in silk which in rare cases can provoke allergic reactions. No bleaches, dyes or other treatments are used that can irritate the skin;
  • it controls bacterial and fungal infections without altering the natural bacterial flora of the skin, thanks to the permanent protection of the antimicrobial agent (patented technology);

Thanks to its characteristics, DermaSilk quickly reduces itching and inflammation, so it is as useful aid in many skin diseaes.



DermaSilk® therapeutic apparel is treated with a permanent antimicrobial which enhances the pure silk knitwear, exerting an efficacious control of inflammations and bacterial and mycotic infections of the skin and mucosa, without altering the natural resident flora (protected and patented technology).

DermaSilk protection is achieved in two ways:
- There is no more growth of microorganisms on the fabric, so no more migration from the fabric to the skin.
- The microorganisms that infect the skin are rendered inactive when they come in contact with DermaSilk fabric.

How does it work?
Conventional antimicrobial agents (Triclosan, silver ions, etc.) release chemical substances that are absorbed by the skin. Instead, the active principle with which DermaSilk is treated is the only one that acts by direct contact, without releasing any toxic substances, totally respecting human health and the environment. This antimicrobial agent acts with a physical-mechanical mechanism. The active principle, fixed permanently on the silk fibre, attracts the negatively charged microorganisms thanks to its own positive charge, destroying their cell membrane.

The advantages of the DermaSilk antimicrobial agent:
- It is active against all aerobic  single-celled organisms, whether they be bacteria, fungi or yeasts.
- It remains efficacious over time: it does not leech out with use or after laundering.
- It is totally safe: it is not absorbed by the skin and mucosa*
- It does not alter the natural bacterial flora of the skin*.
- It does not create phenomena of adaptation and bacterial resistance.
- It is odourless and colourless; it does not leech into the environment, neither in air nor in water.
- It is approved by worldwide control bodies and included in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 list, class 1.

*(Prof. P. Mandrioli, microbiological test and chemical test, CNR – Istituto ISAC – Bologna).