Use and Washing

1. Versatile: soft, light and cool DermaSilk® underwear may be used for day or night wear, as needed. It is useful in the acute phases of the disease and in remission, as maintenance therapy and prevention.
2. Fit: DermaSilk garments act in direct contact with the skin.
3. Creams/ointments: the antimicrobial protection of DermaSilk clothing begins to act once it is in contact with the skin. The garments are most effective when they are applied clean on clean skin; for this reason, when using creams or ointments on the skin, it is important to ensure they have been completely absorbed before putting on the garments (grease and dirt reduce the action of the antimicrobial). If possible, it is recommended not to use very greasy creams and to prefer emollients in liquid or spray form.

1. DermaSilk clothing can be washed with a little neutral shampoo (without balsam or other additives) at 30-40°C, either by hand or in the washing machine, using the suitable programme (in this case it is advised to put the garments in a net bag for delicate items). Shampoo is the best detergent because it is designed to obtain a cleaning action in a short time and without leaving residue. Do not use bleach, fabric conditioners, stain removers or disinfectants. It is important to rinse repeatedly in plenty of water. Do not spin-dry or tumble-dry, or dry in direct contact with sources of heat.
2. To keep DermaSilk garments soft over time it is good practice to leave them to steep periodically in lukewarm water and bicarbonate (2 spoons of bicarbonate per litre) for 2-3 hours before ordinary washing. This also allows the removal of mineral residue that adheres to the fibres after washing. In presence of hard water (>22°f) we sugget to use vinegar, thanks to its reaction with the scale present into the water:
- if you are washing DermaSilk by hand, we suggest, after the use of shampoo, to put the clothing in water with white vinegar (1 spoon for 3 liters of water) for one hour before rinsing;
- if you are washing DermaSilk in the washing machine we suggest to use 4/5 spoons of white vinegar in the softner tray.
3. To remove stubborn dirt it is possible to adopt the same procedure with water at 60°C. Any stains that persist even after this treatment are simply due to pigment and do not affect the efficacy of DermaSilk.