1) Why should I use silk instead of cotton underwear?

Although they are both natural fabrics, cotton is a fibre of vegetable origin, while silk is a fibre of animal origin that behaves exactly like human hair. Being smooth and very long, it does not cause friction in contact with the skin, so it does not irritate it. Unlike cotton, silk has the property of maintaining the body temperature even in conditions of excessive moisture. The absorbed sweat never cools, so it does not stimulate a rise in body temperature which would provoke further sweating. Both these aspects are fundamental for people suffering from Atopic Dermatitis or other skin problems.

2) Why use DermaSilk and not ordinary silk underwear?

Garments made of traditional silk are thickly woven (for example, satin), so they do not breathe. DermaSilk garments, on the other hand, are made with a knitting process which allows an ample passage of air (the skin can potentially breathe even through 48 layers of DermaSilk fabric). This characteristic is fundamental for people who suffer from eczema and need to keep their body temperature stable. DermaSilk garments are also free from sericin, which in some cases can generate allergic reactions, they contain no bleaches, dyes or other treatments that could irritate the skin.

3) Can I use DermaSilk in any season?

Yes. DermaSilk garments breathe and have heat-regulating capacities, so they are suitable for use in any season.

4) Do the seams irritate the skin?

No. Particular care has been taken with this aspect in the garment design stage. In garments for infants up to 3 years of age, the seams are located on the outside. Instead, in clothing for adults and children, the seams are not only very thin, but they are made in such a way as not to cause friction in contact with the skin.

5) Can I combine DermaSilk with the use of creams and pharmacological therapies?

Yes. DermaSilk is an excellent aid in therapies for pathologies of the skin and mucosa. When used with creams or ointments, these must be completely absorbed before putting on the garments (if the cream makes the fibres greasy or dirty, DermaSilk’s antimicrobial efficiency is reduced).

6) Is it necessary to use creams as well as DermaSilk?

It isn’t necessary to use creams with DermaSilk unless they have been prescribed by your doctor. In this case, you must ensure that the creams are well absorbed. If the skin is very dry, it is recommended to use an emollient in liquid or spray form which, while performing a moisturising action, also increases the contact surface between the skin and DermaSilk, improving its antimicrobial efficiency.

7) Can the antimicrobial agent that protects DermaSilk be release? Does it have any counter-indications or collateral effects?

DermaSilk has no counter-indications or collateral effects, because the antimicrobial that protects it is permanently fixed to the fibre and is an integral part of the structure: it is never released, neither after intense use nor after laundering. For this reason, DermaSilk does not alter the natural bacterial flora of the skin and does not create phenomena of microbial resistance (certified by CNR National Research Council).

8) How long does the efficacy of the antimicrobial last?

The antimicrobial remains active for the entire lifetime of the DermaSilk garment, fully renewing its efficacy after every wash.

9) Does DermaSilk contain or release cortisone or other drugs?

Absolutely not! DermaSilk does not contain or release cortisone or any other drugs.

10) Does DermaSilk contain silver ions?

No! DermaSilk does not contain silver ions or other metals. Silver ions have antibacterial capacities but they also present important counter-indications, because they are gradually released from the fabrics and absorbed by the organism through the skin.

11) How and when should I use DermaSilk?

DermaSilk is very easy to use: just wear it! It can be used during the day or at night; in the acute phases of the disease and in remission, as maintenance therapy and prevention.

12) How long do DermaSilk garments last?

The silk fibre is very resistant, giving DermaSilk garments the same long life as top quality underwear. Since the garments should be washed daily to obtain the best results from DermaSilk, it is recommended to buy at least two, so as to let the fibres “rest” and prolong the life of the product, just as you would with traditional underwear.

13) Can I wash DermaSilk with disinfectants such as Napisan, with vinegar or with marseille soap?

No! DermaSilk must be washed exclusively with a little neutral shampoo (without balsam or other additives) at 30-40°C, by hand or in the washing machine.