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  • ... The child wears gladly the DermaSilk body, without problems. The redness is completely gone, unlike when he wears other kind of body. (D.I.E., Caserta, 06/26/2015)

  • "I wear Dermasilk products now since the end of january this year. For me its kind of a miracle, it reduced the itching all over my body, which was very severe... For almost all of my life, since I was a six-month old baby, I have eczema, all over my body. As a child I often went to hospitals were they covered me totally up with tare paste. When I had an excerbation, nothing helped until I discovered Dermasilk by accident..." E.V.H. Olanda, 24/03/2015
  • "Bought Dermasilk t- shirt to my 29 year old son, who suffers from atopic dermatitis. His skin has been really bad for the past 3-4 years. He has been treated with oral antibiotics, cortisone ointment, emollient ointment, sun therapy by the Dermatology department at the hospital..... I think many of you know the story. I am a Registered Nurse for 30+ years and when I read about the Derma Silk products I thought it was too good to be true.....but after reviewing the studies made in UK and the recommendations in the Swedish "Lakartidningen" (Scientific Journal for Physicians in Sweden) I told my son; let's give it a try, we have nothing to loose except the money! My son started to use the t-shirt and a pair of Derma Silk boxer shorts every day after he got home from his work. He used his ointments, let it absorb by the skin for 15 minutes before he put his Dermasilk clothing on. His back and torso as well as parts of his buttocks were in a bad condition with eczema, some infection and dryness. This was three weeks ago.The result: AFTER THREE DAYS, HE TOLD ME THAT HIS SKIN FEELS LESS ITCHY. AFTER ONE WEEK, HE SAID; IT FEELS GOOD. HE FINALLY STARTED TO SLEEP WITHOUT WAKING UP WITH AN ITCHY SKIN. AFTER TWO WEEKS; THE EXCEMA WAS GONE!! I had to ask him to take off his shirt, just to see with my own eyes. No sign of eczema! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you DermaSilk" L.T. Canada, 5/07/14

  • "...Firstly let me say the leggings are simply fantastic. I have struggled with severe Dermatitis since my late teens, which is about 15 years.
    I’ve gone through any number of topical steroids and an abundance of creams, behavioural psychology for scratching, allergy tests, exclusion diets and whilst getting relief for small periods never really addressing the itch / scratch cycle.
    Since I slipped on my leggings I was very surprised how cool they kept me feeling, and I was also surprised how much they relieve the entire area. I’ve always struggled with scratching my legs, and night time has always been difficult. I also love logging my progress, so having your spread sheet arrive was terrific, as I was just about to write my own when yours arrived. To be honest I was a little sceptical at first, but the results speak for themselves !!
    I feel so much better, my reliance on the topical steroids and creams has decreased significantly, and they’re very comfortable and discreet under my work slacks, jeans, and lounge pants for bed. The severity of the affected areas has gone down tremendously, some of my most problem areas are either gone or have diminished significantly.
    I would have no problem in sharing my experience with others or as a referral to your product or website, so don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Thanks for a terrific product, you guys should promote this loads, as I think GPs whilst aware of therapeutic clothing applications, they need to hear more success stories..." S.B. - UK - 13/04/2011
  •  "...you are doing a great job and you really helped very many mothers with babies affected from AD, who spent whole salaries in chemist's to buy not very effective products! I am never tired to thank DermaSilk for having healed my darling!". O.P. – Milan – 29/03/2011
  • "The socks are very effective in controlling the problems I have with my legs and now that you have improved them I feel much more better thanks to the reinforced toe and the more comfortable top band". E.L. – UK – 01/02/2011

  • “We bought both Microair and DermaSilk. Already after the first week we started using the mattress and pillow encasings, we improved very much the most serious of our son’s problems, i.e. the asthma, which compelled us to give him drugs all evenings. During the first week we also noted a gradual but fast improvement of the eczema on child’s legs too, which regressed down to disappearance in the first two weeks already, with the consequent relief of itching. What to say…thank you!!! We are enthusiastic about the product (…) for us it has something miraculous and we would like to do everything’s possible to help also some other people who have our same problem”. S.P. – Vercelli – 01/03/2010

  • “We would like to congratulate you on the high quality of your product (ref. DermaSilk pyjamas). Thank you very much”. M.P. – 01/03/2010

  • “My 9 months old son now sleeps during the whole night. No scratching and no crying in the nights since wearing the body and the panties. My wife and me are so glad that will recommend DermaSilk to everybody we know”. C.W. – Austria – 02/10/2009

  • “…the long sleeved t-shirt cleared up an eczema on my belly without having recourse to cortisone because I am pregnant. Moreover, the use of anti- dust mite encasings helped me very much with my skin problems, and recently I bought them for my 2 and a half years old daughter’s bed too, since she had a beginning of irritation (disappeared)”. P.R. – Belluno – 04/06/2008

  • "I am very satisfied with your product, because it is easy and comfortable to wear and above all it is very effective. Thanks to your hoses I avoided to use creams - some very expensive, too – many times a day (...) Your products are miraculous, they solved my problems and I suggest them to everybody". L.V. – 15/01/2008

  • “I found the product really excellent, it relieves my problem quickly as soon as it arises again, more rapidly and effectively than any cream or any other product I ever tried! (…) It’s clear the difference also compared to the best cotton quality, the feeling is completely different, I would have never imagined! (…) Since I started using DermaSilk, the relapses haven’t occurred any more, apart from two times, and they regressed in a very few hours thanks to your fabric (…) Thank you for having made my life easier”. A.R. - 04/04/2007