Why does it work?

Thanks to the innovative combination of pure silk protein with the activity of a permanent antimicrobial agent bonded to the fabric, DermaSilk® INTIMO briefs combat and prevent bacterial and mycotic vulvovaginal infections. Scientific studies have shown that the special and innovative DermaSilk INTIMO undergarments combat the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms without altering the natural resident flora, help maintain the optimum pH and the right level of humidity in the vulvar area by exerting an emollient and soothing action, provide effective protection against irritations and combat symptoms such as itching, burning and pain until they disappear.
Much more than a line of therapeutic underwear, DermaSilk INTIMO is so pleasantly soft that it becomes a part of you.

Thanks to the innovative combination of pure silk protein with a permanent antimicrobial treatment, the new line DermaSilk® INTIMO:

- quickly reduces itching, burning and other inflammatory symptoms;

- helps control and prevent bacterial and fungal infections without altering the natural resident flora;

- helps keep the vulvar area fresh and dry thanks to the particular knitting process which enhances breathing capacity and to the excellent hygroscopic capacity of absorbing moisture
(DermaSilk absorbs as much as 30% of its own weight while remaining dry). In this way it efficiently reduces excess warmth and moisture, factors which favour the onset of vulvovaginal infections;

- helps maintain optimum pH levels;

- performs an emollient and soothing action, maintaining a correct water balance in the vulvar mucosa;

- reduces the irritation of skin and mucosa thanks to the soft smooth yarn;

- assists processes of repair and regeneration of the skin and mucosa thanks to the natural protein of silk fibroin.

DermaSilk INTIMO is made of pure fibroin, the noblest part of the silk, characterised by a protein structure similar to that of human hair. It is completely free from sericin, a substance present in a small percentage in ordinary silk which, in rare cases, may cause allergic reactions. It is free from dyes and treatments that could irritate the skin and mucosa.
There are two lines of DermaSilk® INTIMO, produced with Alpretec experience and designed for the specific needs of every woman:

Slip Midi and Slip Comfort in knitted pure spun silk protein, made with flat seams. Light and comfortable, they ensure a traditional fit.

Slip, Minislip, Slip Brasil, Shorts, Minishorts and Bra in pure silk protein yarn.
Comfortable and versatile, they fit any figure thanks to the elasticity of the fabric and the absence of side seams and elastic on the leg.

DermaSilk® INTIMO also includes therapeutic underwear for MEN and CHILDREN.



The antimicrobial in DermaSilk® INTIMO exerts an efficacious control of inflammations and bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and mucosa, without altering the natural resident flora.
That is why the protection offered by DermaSilk INTIMO is accomplished in two ways:

1 - there is no more growth of microorganisms on the fabric, so no more migration towards the skin and mucosa;

2 - the microorganisms that infect the skin and mucosa are rendered inactive when they come in contact with the fabric.

Unlike conventional antimicrobial agents, which release chemical substances that are absorbed by the skin, the antimicrobial used to treat DermaSilk® does not release any substance. Fixed permanently on the silk fibre (it does not wash out and remains active for the entire life of the product), it acts with a physical mechanism, attracting pathogenic microorganisms and destroying their cell membrane.
Fabrics are an ideal habitat for these microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) which find there the conditions necessary for their proliferation: warmth, moisture and food.