Wear and Care

Treat your garments with care and follow the instructions and they will last longer. It is important that you respect the washing instructions provided on the label inside all the garments. DermaSilk garments are not simply items of clothing. They are Class I Medical Devices and need to be looked after accordingly.

DermaSilk® garments can be washed at 30-40°C, by hand or in the washing machine with a little neutral shampoo (without balsam) or with detergent for delicate fabrics containing no conditioner, chlorine or bleach, perfumes or enzimes.

- If machine-washed, use the programme for delicate fabrics and place the garments in a special mesh bag. It is recommended to pour 4/5 spoonfuls of white vinegar into the conditioner tray.

- If hand-washed, it is recommended to soak the washed garments for half an hour with white vinegar (1 tablespoon to 3 litres of water) after normal washing, and then rinse repeatedly in plenty of water to eliminate any detergent residue.

DermaSilk® garments should not be spin-dried, tumble-dried or dried in direct contact with sources of heat. Silk works best when slightly damp so artificial drying and direct sunlight can over-dry silk. Hang them up to dry in the shade or on a dry towel.

Place the garment to be washed in a basin and fill it with a litre of very hot water (the highest temperature you can obtain from the tap), ensuring that the fabric is well immersed; then pour 5 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and 10 tablespoons of white vinegar directly onto the garment. The solution will start to release oxygen and eliminate the dirt.
Leave the garments soaking for 5/6 hours or overnight, then wash as above.

The garments in the DermaSilk lines have the natural colour of silk and have not undergone any dyeing process. Collant and Comfort Socks are made with dyed yarns before the knitted process.

- Wash DermaSilk garments alone or with other white garments;
- if  a washing machine is used, after washing coloured garments it is recommended to run a short rinse cycle, to eliminate all residue of coloured material from the drum; it is recommended to clean the washing machine filter regularly, so that any coloured residue cannot return to the drum during the next wash.

PAY ATTENTION to garments that lose colour (jeans, panty hose, dark trousers, etc.). As well as being harmful for the skin, their dyes could irreversibly alter the colour of a DermaSilk garment (though without affecting its efficacy);
DermaSilk is pre-shrunk when it is made but washing can sometimes tighten the knit, making it appear to have shrunk. If this occurs gently iron the garment down its length with a cool steam iron to restore the size.