1) How can a fabric help me solve itching, burning and pain?

DermaSilk is not just any fabric, but pure silk protein microbiologically protected by a permanent antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms on the fabric and controls unpleasant smells (Alpretec patent 2001 – internationally recognised). This fabric is incredibly similar to our own skin, able to protect it and to favour its equilibrium and functions, even when they are compromised. Silk protein is an animal protein very similar to human hair with a protein structure composed of the same amino acids that make up our stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin and mucosa). DermaSilk briefs favour the equilibrium of the skin and mucosa and respect the vulvovaginal ecosystem thanks to a number of important characteristics, such as high breathability guaranteed by the special knitting process, heat regulation which maintains the body temperature and a high hygroscopic capacity, thanks to which the fabric is able to retain up to 30% of its own weight in humidity, remaining dry and rapidly eliminating the excess humidity. These characteristics are fundamental for the good health of the genital area, which more than others requires good ventilation and fears increased temperature and humidity, factors which favour the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and the onset of infections such as Candida (the negative action of panty liners, non-breathing underwear, polyamide briefs, tight pantyhose and trousers is well known).

2) What is the DermaSilk antimicrobial agent? And how does it work?

Unlike conventional antimicrobial agents (Triclosan, silver ions, etc.) which release chemical substances that are absorbed by the skin, the DermaSilk antimicrobial agent acts only by contact without releasing any substance. Protection on DermaSilk briefs is achieved in two ways: - There is no more growth of microorganisms on the fabric, so no more migration from the fabric to the skin. - The microorganisms that infect the skin are rendered inactive when they come in contact with the briefs. The DermaSilk antimicrobial agent: - It is active against all aerobic single-celled organisms, whether they be bacteria, fungi or yeasts. - It remains efficacious over time: it does not leech out with use or after laundering. - It is totally safe: it is not absorbed by the skin and mucosa* - It does not alter the natural bacterial flora of the skin*. - It does not create phenomena of adaptation and bacterial resistance. - It is odourless and colourless; it does not leech into the environment, neither in air nor in water. - It is approved by worldwide control bodies and included in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 list, class 1. *(Prof. P. Mandrioli, microbiological test and chemical test, CNR – Istituto ISAC – Bologna)

3)Do DermaSilk briefs have any collateral effects?

No, they have no collateral effects.

4) How long does their efficiency last? How many times can I reuse them?

The efficiency lasts for the entire lifetime of the product. The antimicrobial protection resists washing.

5) Is the silk difficult to care for?

Absolutely not. The garments can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30-40°C with a little neutral shampoo (without balsam or other additives) or with a liquid detergent for delicate fabrics (without active oxygen, stain removers, chlorine, fabric conditioners or perfumes). On the site you can also download instructions for care. To remove any stubborn stains, steep the garments in warm water and bicarbonate (2 spoons of bicarbonate per litre at 60°C) for 2-3 hours before ordinary washing.

6) The use of creams/ovules creates a barrier that reduces the efficiency of the product, but I have to use them. What can I do?

DermaSilk garments are effective if used clean on clean skin. If you are using ovules or creams, you must let them be completely absorbed. In the presence of discharge, it is recommended to change the briefs frequently.

7) Can I use Marseille soap?

Yes, but only made from vegetable oils.

8) Does washing reduce the efficiency of the product?

Absolutely not, the efficiency lasts for the entire lifetime of the product. It is important to follow the washing instructions and, since they are therapeutic garments, they must be treated with the greatest care and attention.

9) Panty liners thwart the efficiency of the product because the fabric is not in contact with the skin. What can I do if I have slight discharges?

Thanks to the characteristics of the pure silk protein and to their particular knitted construction, DermaSilk briefs are able to retain up to 30% of their own weight in humidity, remaining dry. This ensures a dry, fresh feeling even in the presence of slight discharges. The antimicrobial protection also helps control any unpleasant smells.

10) Who assures me that the product works?

Clinical studies published in international scientific journals have confirmed the efficacy of DermaSilk briefs in various pathologies of the genital area and have shown they help overcome itching, irritation, burning and pain in a short time.

11) How do I choose the size, since I can’t try them on?

The DermaSilk briefs in the Elite line have been conceived in three sizes that cover all requirements (from 38 to 56). Comfortable and versatile, they fit any figure thanks to the fabric’s dual elasticity (in height and width) and to the absence of seams on the sides and elastic on the legs (the small percentage of elastan is completely covered, so it is never in contact with the skin).

12) What is the difference between the various models? Which one should I choose?

The various models have been conceived to satisfy the needs and tastes of every woman. In choosing the garment, as well as your own taste, it is important to consider your physical structure and the type of disturbance or problem that you have.