Antimicrobial protection

The antimicrobial in DermaSilk® INTIMO exerts an efficacious control of inflammations and bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and mucosa, without altering the natural resident flora.
That is why the protection offered by DermaSilk INTIMO is accomplished in two ways:

1 - there is no more growth of microorganisms on the fabric, so no more migration towards the skin and mucosa;

2 - the microorganisms that infect the skin and mucosa are rendered inactive when they come in contact with the fabric.

Unlike conventional antimicrobial agents, which release chemical substances that are absorbed by the skin, the antimicrobial used to treat DermaSilk® does not release any substance. Fixed permanently on the silk fibre (it does not wash out and remains active for the entire life of the product), it acts with a physical mechanism, attracting pathogenic microorganisms and destroying their cell membrane.
Fabrics are an ideal habitat for these microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) which find there the conditions necessary for their proliferation: warmth, moisture and food.

antimicrobico1     antimicrobico2

The DermaSilk antimicrobial agent is unique because:

- it is active against all aerobic single-celled organisms, whether they be bacteria, fungi or yeasts.
- It remains efficacious over time: it does not leech out with use or after laundering.
- It is totally safe: it is not absorbed by the skin and mucosa*
- It does not alter the natural bacterial flora of the skin*.
- It does not create phenomena of adaptation and bacterial resistance.
- It is odourless and colourless; it does not leech into the environment, neither in air nor in water.
- It is approved by worldwide control bodies and included in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 list, class 1.

*(Prof. P. Mandrioli, microbiological test and chemical test, CNR – Istituto ISAC – Bologna).