Blog: Professional dermatitis

Contact dermatitis (CD) is a skin inflammation caused by some substances with which we come in contact during everyday life and/or when at work. These substances may be present in cosmetics or in household cleaning products (soaps, detergents, creams, perfumes, deodorants, solvents, etc.), in clothing and in shoes, in foods, in medicines for topical use (e.g. antimycotics, antibiotics, corticosteroids) and in other products in common use. Contact dermatitis strikes especially the hands, which are most exposed to contact with allergens, but more and more frequently also the feet, legs and other parts of the body, due to the substances contained in shoes and clothing (e.g. rubber, glues, metals such as nickel, potassium dichromate used in tanning leather/hide, dyes, formaldehyde, fabric conditioners, etc.). More